Stevan Vukadinovic

Stevan Vukadinovic

Cohort 2

Mr. Vukadinović received his Bachelor Degree from the International Business College of Mitrovica in 2014 and has worked at a local NGO where he successfully implemented several projects related to the rule of law and implementation of Parliamentary elections in North Kosovo.

He most recently worked as a Project Manager at NGO Advocacy Center for Democratic Culture in Mitrovica. He has experience working for local NGO’s as well as a public sector institution (UNMIK Mitrovica). His goal is to obtain an MBA in the field of Marketing Management, Business Leadership, and Strategic Management.

He believes that educated professionals are the crucial factor required to contribute towards the development of Kosovo’s economy, and his long term goal is to become an entrepreneur with a business of his own, enabling him to provide employment for young people in the region and contribute towards the wellbeing of his community.

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