Shejlla Avdiq

Shejlla Avdiq

Cohort 2

Ms. Avdiq completed her Bachelor Degree in General Psychology and has been engaged in the civil society sector since 2005. Since 2014, she worked as a Project Coordinator in the Dora DorĂ«s NGO for the Economic Empowerment of Women in Rural Areas and Returnees project. She is interested in continuing her master studies in the field of Educational Psychology. 

After the completion of her studies, Ms. Avdiq intends to continue her work in the civil society sector and to teach in the university where she finished her bachelor studies. She also wants to work as a school psychologist. Her main aspirations are to champion reform in education, especially in primary schools, and to contribute in the field of scientific research by undertaking research in the field of educational psychology with the aim of enriching the literature of scientific articles in the Albanian language. She also plans to create the Psychologists Association of Prizren.

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