Lorez Qehaja

Lorez Qehaja

Cohort 2

Ms. Qehaja graduated in Economics and Statistics at the American University in Kosovo where she was awarded with a merit based scholarship for four consecutive years and was a winner of the IPKO Foundation scholarship. During her senior year, she was elected as an outstanding undergraduate scholar of RIT and an Honor Society Student of AUK. In 2012, she worked as an intern in the Treasury Department at ProCredit Bank. She worked as a Math Tutor at the Academic Support Center at AUK for one and a half years and, since February 2014, she is working as a Project Coordinator at ProCon Group.

Ms. Qehaja believes that agriculture is Kosovo’s best potential to secure economic and social development, and that the relationship between agriculture and trade supports the development of econometric policies that would leverage Kosovo’s trade imbalance. Through this program, she is aiming to gain further knowledge on agriculture commodities trade so that she can return and establish the regulatory office for agriculture commodities futures exchange in Kosovo after her studies conclude.

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