Goneta Kajtazi

Goneta Kajtazi

Cohort 2

Ms. Kajtazi received her Bachelor of Science degree from the American University in Kosovo, with majors in Economics and Statistics, and Management. In her third year of studies she co-founded the Management Club, where she also served as a co-leader until she finished her undergraduate studies. She is a Data Analyst at AVAX LLC, a knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) company in Prishtina. In addition, she is the founder and CEO of Honey Hive, a beekeeping and honey production company. She is also part of the Political Academy organized by Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Prishtina. Upon her return to Kosovo she wishes to help improve the business environment in Kosovo by becoming a professional consultant. She wishes to serve as a proactive guide, and advise as many organizations as possible in assisting them to make the right decisions and foresee future trends, hence creating economic growth and improving the citizens’ well-being.

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