Getoar Krasniqi

Getoar Krasniqi

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Mr. Krasniqi received his Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Economics at the American University in Kosovo in 2014. As an AUK student, he was part of AUK’s delegation at the MUN Conference in Boston. He also participated in an EU Model Conference at the American University in Bulgaria.

Moreover, he was part of AUK’s delegation for the VIS MOOT International Arbitration Conference in Vienna, and he worked as a Marketing Assistant at the Moby Fest that was organized by Pixels Productions. Later he was a Research Intern at the NGO Kosovar Stability Initiative and eKatun (, a website where small farmers can register and sell their homemade products.

He won a UNICEF Innovations Lab prize and the Social Media Award at the Future Agro Challenge in Athens as Kosovo’s representative. Upon accomplishment of his MBA studies, and return to Kosovo, he wants to apply all the knowledge and skills he acquires by helping young Kosovar entrepreneurs grow their businesses from a creative idea into a serious and stable company, with the aim to increase employment for the better well-being of Kosovars.

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