Ermir Suldashi

Ermir Suldashi

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Mr. Suldashi also completed his undergraduate studies in computer science at the American University in Bulgaria. As a result of his high GPA, he was accepted during his studies for the Erasmus Exchange program at the Nottingham Trent University in Nottingham, United Kingdom, and was selected as the President of the Computer Science Student Union. He has been working as a software developer at “Rrota” Sh.p.k. and has successfully completed several major projects aimed at markets in the European Union.

Based on his experience in technology, specifically Computer Science, he believes that this field is increasing in importance and therefore wishes to further continue his Computer Science education and subsequently return to Kosovo with newfound, cutting edge knowledge. Based on his potential future studies, and using recent examples from the UK and other EU countries, he wants to start a technological educational program for gifted kids aged 12-24.

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