Albe Gjonbalaj

Albe Gjonbalaj

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Ms. Gjonbalaj completed her bachelor’s degree in International Business at HAMK University of Applied Sciences in Finland. During her undergraduate studies, she completed two research internships at the German Corporation for International Cooperation as well as attended a year abroad at Ferris State University in Michigan, US.
Upon completion of her studies, Ms. Gjonbalaj worked for Deloitte Albania and Kosova as an Associate in the Financial Advisory Services. During her graduate studies in Washington, DC Ms. Gjonbalaj completed two research internships at the Development Economics Group of the World Bank. She believes that the pursuit of her Master’s degree in Economics has equipped her with the necessary skill set and know how to advocate progressive economic policies that aim at reducing the increasing wealth inequality as well as promoting prudential monetary and fiscal policies that would ultimately contribute to higher economic growth.

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