Alban Zeka

Alban Zeka

Cohort 2

Mr. Zeka completed his studies in Applied Arts and Sciences at the American University in Kosovo in 2010. He most recently worked at NGO Me Dhe Per Femijet.  He has worked at NGO Kosova Charity and co-founded NGO Global-Synergy, as an Account Handler at one of the leading marketing agencies in Kosovo, Zero-Pozitive Publicist, and at the Paper Communications as Media Chief Officer. His work experience also includes working at Dukagjini Corporation in the library and publishing house sector as Bookshop Chief Officer. He is interested in studying Strategic Management, considering it one of the most needed fields in establishing and developing a friendly business environment in Kosovo. He believes that Strategic Management would enable him to help businesses in Kosovo through government institutions and through the private sector. While in the United States, he is willing to represent the market of Kosovo as high potential possibility for international companies and specifically to the Kosovar ex-patriots in the U.S.

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