Ermal Hoxha

Ermal Hoxha

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Mr. Hoxha completed his Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature at the University of Prishtina in 2012, where he also continued his MA studies in the field of Linguistics, until being awarded the TLP-SP scholarship to pursue his MS studies in Teaching & Curriculum in the US. He started his teaching career as a volunteer at the American Corner in Prishtina, and continued his professional career as an English Language Teacher working with primary, high school, college and adult students. On a long term basis, he wants to contribute in the field of education by working with students who want to become teachers themselves and impart the expertise he gained in the US related to Learning Theory & Instructional Design, Cultural studies theory & Education, Disability Studies & Special Education (Universal Design for Learning & Inclusive Education), Qualitative Research Theory, Educational Leadership, International/Global Education, Critical Pedagogy, and Collaboration in Schools.

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