Agnesa Belegu

Agnesa Belegu

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MSc in Interactive Entertainment. Graduated from the University of Central Florida, specializing as a Technical Game Designer at UCF’s Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy.

Agnesa Belegu was born in the city of Peja, Kosovo. Her passion for the gaming industry turned into her profession during her CS bachelor studies, when she was granted a scholarship to study Game Design in the city of Gjovik, Norway. Shortly after returning from Norway, Agnesa moved to the US to continue her graduate studies at UCF’s Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (a.k.a. FIEA), as a scholar of the USAID’s Transformational Leadership Programme. She was the ideator and lead designer of the well-acclaimed capstone project - the story-driven adventure known as “Child No More”. During her time in the US, Agnesa also worked at EA Sports as a game designer for NBA Live. After returning to Kosovo, she aspires to give back by teaching and incite the gaming community to become an active part of the industry, starting with the younger generations and working her way up.

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