Visar Xhambazi

Visar Xhambazi

Cohort 3

Mr. Visar Xhambazi completed his undergraduate studies at the American University in Kosovo in management and public policy. During his undergraduate years, he was a delegate of the Model United Nations and had the chance to participate in the Harvard National Model United Nations. Currently, Mr. Xhambazi is a member of the Youth Council of the US Embassy in Kosovo which is an initiative of the US Embassy, aiming to promote an inclusive and tolerant society and strengthen the sense of active citizenship through community services and activities. Moreover, he is also associated with the Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe and the Federation of Young European Greens. Mr. Xhambazi will pursue a Master’s Degree in International Relations. His objective is to become an internationally focused policy-maker in national, regional, international organizations and non-governmental organizations. Most importantly, he wants to dedicate his academic and professional career to bring positive changes in Kosovo and improve the well-being of his fellow citizens.

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