Rinor Kastrati

Rinor Kastrati

Cohort 3

Mr. Rinor Kastrati completed his undergraduate studies at the American University in Kosovo, where he studied economics and management. Early on, he exhibited great potential for academic excellence, but this seemed not to fulfill his ambitions and, as a result, he dedicated a great deal of his time to furthering the social causes he believes in. He has been an active member of Charity and Economists’ Club, a senator, and a President of Student Government. Rinor has worked in the Central Bank of Kosovo, in a GIZ project, and in Monten, his family business, where he is currently employed. From his graduate studies in the United States, he expects to acquire a solid management background, to gain an understanding of foreign business practices, and to build a network of future business leaders. He ultimately wants to come back and create value in Kosovo through his entrepreneurial undertakings.

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