Lule Bahtiri

Lule Bahtiri

Cohort 3

Ms. Lule Bahtiri completed her studies at the American Education in Kosovo double majoring in Economics & Statistics and Management. Her high GPA and engagement in extra-curricular activities, won her the GPA Scholarship for two consecutive years and the AUK Ambassador Scholarship during the senior year. Furthermore, high academic performance earned her a place in the prestigious AUK HONORS SOCIETY. Lule has been working as Program Officer for Philanthropy and Sustainable Development at the Forum for Civic Initiatives where she became part of several projects aiming to help disadvantaged youth in developing businesses in the field of Agriculture and Ecotourism, among others. Ms. Bahtiri has chosen Development Economics as her field of study based on experience and high interest. She plans to maintain the same level of high academic performance, in order to gain necessary skills that will ensure her contribution upon return to the economy of Kosovo will be significant.

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