Korab Vranovci

Korab Vranovci

Cohort 3

Mr. Korab Vranovci received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Prishtina with a major in Applicative Geography in 2015. He has attended several workshops related to his field of study on weather, urban planning and demography. He has been working with several local NGOs in Ferizaj - targeting the youth of this municipality and also was a member of Local Youth Active Council, where he was a representative of youth with disability. His work and activity led to him to being selected as a representative of youth from Ferizaj at the central level. Lately he has been working in the Social Media field for an outsourcing company in Prishtina offering Search Engine Optimization services for their clients. His bachelor studies have helped him understand the value of information and technology- an area which Kosovo needs improvements on. He aims to further his academic knowledge on the subject matter and upon his return in Kosovo he plans to implement the methods obtained during his master studies and improve Information Systems in Kosovo. He hopes to do this through trainings and workshops, helping new generations of students understand the importance of Information Systems and Technology.

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