Jetë Aliu

Jetë Aliu

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Ms. Jete Aliu completed her bachelor studies in Applied Arts and Sciences at the American University in Kosovo with highest honors and was a member of the A.U.K. Honors Society. As a student she was awarded with Alpha Sigma Lambda Honorary Society Award based in USA and with the Community Service Award from the Dean of A.U.K. She was the co-chair of A.U.K. Charity Club, – a student-run organization whose mission is to serve the communities in Kosovo through voluntary services and awareness campaigns. Since June 2015 Ms. Aliu works as the Executive Assistant to the President of Kosovo. She believes education is the weapon through which we can change the world. Therefore, she plans to continue her studies in the field of Education. Upon her return to Kosovo she hopes to become an instrumental member in the society where her abilities are used to bring about positive change for the betterment of her community.

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