Gresa Statovci

Gresa Statovci

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Ms. Gresa Statovci graduated in 2015 from the American University in Kosovo with majors in management, economics and statistics, and a minor in public policy. Currently, she is working in the Ministry of European Integration as an assistant to the Minister and as a part-time teaching assistant in the Economics Department in College Fama. Previously, she has been a project coordinator in Center for Advanced Studies FIT, a local NGO, where she was actively involved with the advancement of the education system of Kosovo – the main mission of this NGO. In addition, as a member of the AUK Honors Society, she dedicated her thesis solely to the school curriculum in Kosovo and the alterations it should acquire. In United States, she hopes to attain a better understanding of education policies, with a focus on developing countries. Ms. Statovci aims to use this knowledge combined with her practical experience in spearheading substantial reforms in the education system in Kosovo.

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