Dritëro Jakupi

Dritëro Jakupi

Cohort 3

Dritero Jakupi completed his bachelor studies in Economics and Public Policy at the American University in Kosovo. He graduated with high honors and at the same time managed to initiate and lead numerous extracurricular activities, such as the first A.U.K. Student Research Paper and a student conference at the American University in Bulgaria. His ambition lies in producing unique policy research and coming up with new ideas for growth. That is why in 2014 he joined the Institute for Development Policy, which supported him in publishing a research paper that explored the potentials of the service sector as a sustainable source of growth for Kosovo. He is particularly interested in the environmental degradation and development axis. Through the tools and knowledge he aspires to attain during his master studies in Environmental Policy, he intends to produce effective research in this area and also aid in modernizing Kosovo’s policymaking on environmental issues.

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