Dina Vllasaliu

Dina Vllasaliu

Cohort 3

Ms. Dina Vllasaliu graduated from the American Education in Kosovo in 2015 with a degree on Economics &Statistics and Management. Throughout her academic experience, apart from being listed in the Deans’ List and AUK Honor’s Society for high GPA, Ms. Dina Vllasaliu has also been involved in AUK extracurricular activities involving the Charity Club and the Economists’ Club. Having worked previously on IPKO Sales Shop, the Management Development Associates, and at AUK, Vllasaliu’s job experience in Kosovo Civil Society Consortium for Sustainable Development (KOSID) and her thesis work stirred her interest for Environmental Economics, the exact program for which she has now been awarded the TLP scholarship. The Masters’ Program on Environmental Economics Ms. Vllasaliu hopes will broaden her horizon on the field as well as provide her with a pathway to have direct communication with experts and professors in the field. Given Kosovo is still industrializing and developing, Ms. Vllasaliu hopes she will be able to influence Kosovo’s development towards sustainability.

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