Blerta Graiçevci

Blerta Graiçevci

Cohort 3

Ms. Blerta Greicevci received her Bachelor’s Degree in economics, statistics and management from the American University in Kosovo. During her academic studies, Blerta has built her career in a variety of roles and institutions. Her longest work experience remains within Project Management and Finance Departments. Blerta has worked for IPKO, KOSTT, QNR, the Municipality of Kastriot, Public International Law and Policy Group (PILPG) and is currently working for the NATO/KFOR Film City. Additionally, she has also served as a Senator at the American University in Kosovo. Blerta is interested in pursuing a degree in Public Administration, with a specialization in Public and Nonprofit Management, because she believes it will give her the necessary skillset to enact social change. She is passionate about gaining a comprehensive view of formulating, implementing and evaluating public policies, as well as leading and managing non-profit organizations that aim at bettering the lives of citizens in Kosovo, be it in the area of rule of law, education or healthcare systems and programs.

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