Blerina Halili

Blerina Halili

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Ms. Blerina Halili studied Management and Public Policy at Rochester Institute of Technology Campus in Kosovo. She was one of the selected students chosen to represent her university at the Clinton Foundation Summer Entrepreneurship Program in Northern Ireland. For the past five years, she has been working at the RIT Center for Energy and Natural Resources (CENR) where she started out as a Research Assistant and was promoted to Senior Research Associate/Project Manager. She has been actively involved in managing projects related to environment and energy efficiency for the United Nations and Norwegian Institute of Nature Research among others. Besides this, she is also the Career Advisor/Project Manager for CodersTrust in the pilot project “Women in Online Work” sponsored by the World Bank. This project seeks to provide online employment opportunities for women in Kosovo. Upon her return to Kosovo, Ms. Halili believes that she can use the obtained knowledge and skill set during her studies to bring and develop projects that will benefit the community, and also establish her own eco-friendly business in the country.

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