Blend Hyseni

Blend Hyseni

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Mr. Blend Hyseni holds a Bachelor’s Degree in economics, statistics and public policy from the American University in Kosovo. Before graduation, he worked as a research assistant at the Center for Energy and Natural Resources, as well as researcher in a GIZ-funded project, providing support through sectorial analysis to Kosovo’s Budget and Finance Committee during budget deliberation. He was also a president of the Economists’ Club at the American University in Kosovo where he organized economic forums, conferences, and lectures. After graduation, Blend joined one of the most influential think-tanks in Kosovo - GAP Institute, where he continues to work as a researcher in economic and energy policies. While working closely with policy-makers, Blend realized that Kosovo’s public policies are largely based on governing parties’ perception rather than professional studies. Therefore, he wishes to advance his professional skills in applied economics in the United States and return to Kosovo to improve decision-making in economics and energy policies.

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