Arben Fejza

Arben Fejza

Cohort 3

Mr. Arben Fejza completed his Bachelor studies in English Language - Translation and Interpretation at the AAB College in 2013. Since 2011, he has been engaged in working with the LGBT community and advocating for the rights of the community. Thus, a founder of the non-governmental organizations such as Libertas and CEL and currently working as Project Coordinator at the CSGD, has awarded Mr. Fejza with the title Human Rights Defender at the 7th Dublin Platform on Human Rights at Risk. The work in supporting the LGBT community in Kosovo in promoting and protecting LGBT rights has been the mission that Mr. Fejza has put forward to advocate and lobby for those rights. Based on his academic achievements and upon return to Kosovo, he plans work with NGOs and local Institutions which tackle issues of human rights and gender identity.

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