Tefik Agushi

Tefik Agushi

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Bio: Mr. Agushi graduated from the University of Kansas with a Master of Arts in Global and International Studies.

Volunteer placement status: Tefik has volunteered by writing research papers on the topic of The Five Wars of Globalization and analyzing data of “Hidden Economy in Kosovo” report published by Democracy for Development (D4D).

Work status: Junior Technical Professional, GIZ

Tefik Agushi
Master of Arts in Global and International Studies at the University of Kansas (KU)

Mr. Agushi graduated on May 15, 2016, completing the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences degree requirements and defending the thesis “The Great Powers’ Recognition: Crucial for Kosovo and Iraqi Kurdistan Secession.”

Previously, he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Arts and Sciences: Management, Economics, and Public Policy from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

His professional experience includes positions as a Human Resources Manager at Meridian Express, and a journalist for Radio Television of Kosovo (RTK). Furthermore, as a part of the American University in Kosovo (AUK) Co-op program, Mr. Agushi served as a Public Relations Assistant at the university’s Vice President’s Office. 

Some of his early extracurricular activities included participation in the international conflict resolution program, Seeds of Peace, in the United States, as well as membership in a committee of the Kosovo Open Society Fund (KFOS).

Mr. Agushi enrolled a diverse interdisciplinary program including topical and regional courses from a variety of studies: Global & International Studies, Political Science, European Studies, Russian and East European Studies, and Middle East Studies.

The KU Global and International Studies program equipped him with advanced research and analytical skills, and knowledge of global and international issues based on theoretical, comparative, and contemporary perspectives.

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