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Challenges and Opportunities
New Perspectives

TALK initiatives are organized and held by TLP Alumni members on a monthly basis. The TALKS will be analyzing challenges and opportunities surrounding Republic of  Kosovo on various fields. New perspectives, resolutions and approaches will be addressed and offered for specific sectors and the public in general. TLP Alumni consists of US graduates form different areas of expertise and new viewpoints on a way ahead will be treated as a complementary effort towards society and state building process.  Themes will be selected in compliance with TLP Alumni committees and further engagements will be determined by each committee in case of expanding follow-up activities through advocacy efforts.

TALKs will be organized on a bimonthly schedule and shall cover a variety of fields and subject matters. Either a single Committee or a partnership of TLP Committees and external institutions shall host each TALK. Specificities of each TALK will be predetermined in accordance with thematic particulars and organizational capacities.


May 05 2020

TLP-AA campaign “Lets Give Love”

April 15 2020

Contribution Story - Fjolle Caka

April 15 2020

Contribution Story - Erzen Komoni

April 15 2020

Contribution Story - Donika Cami

April 15 2020

Contribution Story - Erza Xhelili