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The Four Standing Committees of the TLP Alumni Association have been established in order to ensure that the volunteer initiatives and activities are steered properly through channels of the Association. 

Standing Committee membership is awarded to TLP Alumni who have successfully completed their studies in the US and have now returned to Kosovo. All Alumni will have joined at least one Standing Committee, in accordance with their professional background.

The Four Standing Committees established as per areas of expertise are:
i) Democracy, Governance and Rule of Law Committee
ii) Economics, Business and Finance Committee
iii) Science, Innovation and Technology Committee
iv) Education, Arts and Design Committee


May 05 2020

TLP-AA campaign “Lets Give Love”

April 15 2020

Contribution Story - Fjolle Caka

April 15 2020

Contribution Story - Erzen Komoni

April 15 2020

Contribution Story - Donika Cami

April 15 2020

Contribution Story - Erza Xhelili