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Based on the brainstorming activities, a strategic planning framework was designed and four broad goals for strategic plan were proposed. The first goal covers issues relevant to:

Organizational Sustainability

GOAL: Begin the journey of the association.
OBJECTIVES: Become functional and operational by involving members / have sufficient funding for organizational sustainability. Establish an inclusive and effective system of functioning.

Integrate within the citizens corps workstation;
Design and maintain organizational foundations;
Build a portfolio of activities, and a track record of success;
Seek donations from members and private entities;
Conduct fundraising activities;
Establish organizational structures, committees;
Promote internal organizational democracy.

Team Work

GOAL: Build a dream TEAM of professionals.
OBJECTIVES: Build a team of professional members. Incentivize members to actively engage and promote volunteerism and community service. Develop team cohesion, and build a sense of belonging and ownership

Establish member database and profiles of expertise;
Assist members in advancing their professional careers;
Establish clubs for members to become involved;
Design and implement community service programs;
Recognize member’s success;
Build a team spirit;
Establishing a resource center for the use of members.

External Relations

GOAL: Connect with people and partners.
OBJECTIVES: Form sustainable bonds with institutions. Establish a public presence. Build a TEAM brand “Together Everyone Achieves More”.

Establish partnerships and provide support to institutions of Kosovo;
Cooperate with civil society organizations and initiatives;
Ensure quality in cooperation, and high standard of excellence;
Get involved in the media;
Reach to people everywhere, promote diversity and inclusiveness;
Establish a marketing team;
Adopt a comprehensive branding strategy.

Strategic Areas

GOAL: Lead and inspire positive change.
OBJECTIVES Promote democratic governance and rule of law. Generate new ideas for economic, business and financial development Improve knowledge of science, innovation and technology (SIT). Improve quality of education, promote arts and design.

Involve members in policy making and design;
Monitor institutional accountability and transparency;
Contribute to legislative reforms;
Advocate for an improved economic, business and financial environment;
Help small businesses to grow;
Promote corporate social responsibilities;
Encourage and support young entrepreneurs;
Advocate for increased public funding in innovation;
Encourage people to become involved in innovation;
Promote modern educational trends;
Improve quality and delivery of education;
Share the knowledge with everyone.




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