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We’re a team of approx. 300 alumni who’ve completed master’s degree studies and professional certificate programs in the United States. Our studies were supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Transformational Leadership Program (TLP) scholarships.

Through our engagement as TLP Alumni we aim to promote democratic governance and rule of law; generate new ideas for the economic, business and financial sector; improve knowledge of science, innovation and technology; and improve the quality of education, arts and design.

Our Mission:
We Lead and Inspire Positive Change through Competence, Integrity and Activism.

Our Vision:
To Transform the Present for Kosovo’s Brighter Future.

Our Values:
Leadership - We lead and empower others to become leaders of positive change.
Active Citizenship - We are active every day, through community service activities and volunteer initiatives.
Professionalism - We endorse high standards of professional excellence and cooperation.
Diversity - We are of diverse professional and academic backgrounds and believe diversity is the key to success.
Integrity - We are always true and loyal to each other, our partners and our people.


June 19 2019

Dealing with reduction of the number of pupils in schools - TV T7

June 18 2019

Start from Scratch II Prizren—Coding Bootcamp

June 13 2019

TALK - How should we deal with reduction of the number of pupils in our schools?

June 13 2019

Si duhet ta trajtojmë zvogëlimin e numrit të nxënësve në shkolla-TALK at KTV

May 15 2019

TALK - Who Should Manage Public Enterprises!

May 10 2019

Video highlights of Volunteer of the Year 2019

May 06 2019

Reflektim mbi Angazhimin Qytetar në Kosovë - TALK

April 12 2019

TALK - Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo 2019

April 12 2019

Lectures across Kosovo - Constitution Week 2019

April 11 2019

Constitution week 2019 - KTV

March 28 2019

TALK “Gender Equality in Public Institutions!”

March 18 2019

Open Office Day!

March 12 2019

Fundraising Training and Strategic Plan Review

February 01 2019

TLP AA Cares - Safe House in Gjakova

December 20 2018

End of the Year Event

December 12 2018

TALK- The Effects of the trade agreement of SAA between Kosovo&EU;

November 27 2018

TALK-Challenges of Higher Education in Kosovo

November 26 2018

Start from Scratch - Programming workshop

November 15 2018

TLP AA Committee meetings

November 02 2018

TLP AA study visit at Ministry of Local Government Administration

October 30 2018

General Assembly Meeting TLP AA 2018

October 03 2018

TLP Alumni Association Last Board Meeting

August 27 2018

TLP AA Signing the MoU with Municipality of Kamenica

July 13 2018

Meeting with Kamenica Municipality

June 05 2018

TLPAA Executive Board Meeting

May 31 2018

TALK 4 “GDPR” - RTV Dukagjini

May 31 2018

TALK 4 “GDPR” - TV Tribuna Chanel

May 25 2018


May 15 2018

Open Lecture “Civil Service of Republic of Kosovo” - From Shpresa Kaciku TLP Alumni Association

May 10 2018

First Annual Workplan Workshop - TLP AA

April 17 2018

Constitution Week - Lectures to students in Prizren

April 17 2018

Constitution Week - Lectures to students in Viti

April 17 2018

Constitution Week - Lectures to students in Mitrovicë

April 17 2018

Constitution Week - Lectures to students in Kamenicë

April 12 2018

Constitution Week - 3rd TALK University of Prishtina

April 12 2018

Constitution Week - KTV

April 12 2018

Constitution Week -Children visit at Constitutional Court

February 26 2018

TLP AA -Morning show KTV “SOT”

February 23 2018

2nd TALK Event - TLP AA

January 29 2018

TLP- Alumni Association Executive Board Meeting

December 19 2017

TALK & End of the Year Event

December 08 2017

TLP-Alumni Association Committee meetings

December 01 2017

TLP Graduates meeting Prime Minister Mr. Ramush Haradinaj

November 30 2017

TLP Alumni Association Executive Board Meeting

November 17 2017

Video highlights of General Assembly Meeting of TLP Alumni Association  

November 06 2017

General Assembly Meeting - TLP Alumni Association

September 21 2017

TLP Alumni Association - Strategic Planning