About The Program

USAID Transformational Leadership program - Citizens Corps (TLP-CC) aim is to leave behind a cadre of transformational leaders coordinated and working towards as agents of positive change across the public, private and civil society sectors in our country.

Though TLP-CC we will advance the understanding, practice and development of leadership and increase civic participation for the benefit and the development of the society through volunteerism.  To achieve this, each of our returned TLP-CC scholarship recipients will be encouraged to complete a minimum of 400 hours of volunteer work in appropriate organizations being, public, private or non-governmental organization in Kosovo.

The 400 hours completed within a time period of two years from the scholarship recipient’s return to the Kosovo. The entire investment in building new cadre of transformational leaders and professionals as well as the continuation of volunteerism culture will be crowned with creation of the Alumni Association for TLP-CC.

The core activity of the “Giving Back” component are the placement sites, therefore Leadership and Growth Council (LGC) will initially introduce few activities upon immediate TLP-CC graduates return, as a startup and orientation intervention to help assist the understanding of the placement sites and graduate’s responsibly.

TLP graduates will be encouraged to build upon “giving back” value and become agents of change in the Kosovo society through volunteer contribution. LGC will offer variety of options and opportunities the TLP graduates for their engagement in volunteer placements and initiatives. LGC sees TLP graduates as volunteers in training, advocating, and lecturing at professional organizations, trade associations, or events, universities, schools or another nationally recognized corporation, professional or educational organizations, or non-for-profits. Moreover, LGC perceives TLP graduates as mentors to other students, as researchers, writers, opinion makers and publishers.

Based on the results of the screening process and the planned assessment of needs of the TLP graduates, LGC will divide placement sites into four groups:

  1. Institution/Organization support
  2. Education/Training support
  3. Community/Civil Society support and
  4. Democracy Support Group

USAID Transformational Leadership Program - Citiens Corps Alumni Association

LGC with introduce a sustainable model for creation of the TLP-CCP Alumni association. The activities will consist of best practices and lessons learned from other alumni association, to define a common purpose, and mobilize all members of the association. Moreover, LGC will institute a functional model of the association by establishing its management structure and functions, define the role of members of the Alumni Association and ensure their involvement through different committees. The Committees of the Association will be divided in the areas of Education, Democracy and Economy and their main role will be to undertake initiatives that support the processes of creating policies, undertake advocacy proactive a plan on cooperating with other donors and government institutions, to warrant a longer-term sustainability.