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What is Citizens Corps?

USAID Transformational Leadership Program - Citizens Corps (TLP-CC) is a program that facilitates the giveback component of all TLP graduates upon return to Kosovo. This component aims to enable TLP graduates in becoming valuable agents of change for the Kosovar society, through their professional volunteer contribution in a multitude of fields. 

TLP-CC aims to leave behind a coordinated and united cadre of transformational leaders.

Through its work, the TLP-CC will strive for advancement of understanding, practice and development of leadership and increase of volunteer civic participation for the benefit of the society. To achieve this, each of our returned TLP scholarship recipients will be encouraged to complete a minimum of 400 hours of volunteer contribution, in public, private or nongovernmental organizations pertaining to their academic and professional background.

TLP graduates are engaged as professional volunteers in training, advocating, and lecturing at professional organizations, trade associations, events, universities, schools or other nationally recognized corporations, professional and/or educational organizations, or non-for-profits. Moreover, TLP-CC professional volunteers are engaged as mentors to other students, researchers, writers, opinion makers and publishers.

This entire investment in building a new cadre of transformational leaders and professionals as well as the advancement of the culture of volunteerism has been crowned with the creation and functionalization of the TLP Alumni Association (TLP-AA).

For more information regarding the TLP-AA please check out the governing structure of the Association and its activities.

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